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Globelink Ünimar At Spotify

Globelink Ünimar At Spotify

Globelink Ünimar continues to improve its presence in the social media and digital world in order to increase its interaction with its audience and enable them to have a more enjoyable time. In this context, the company actively using LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook recently joined Spotify.

The Spotify account, which was launched with the motto “Music can appear in any place in the world at any time, just like Globelink Ünimar” has playlists suitable for every mood. The lists, which are suggestions for those who want to listen to music but cannot find what to listen, consist of different topics such as reducing work stress, enjoyable work, working break and increasing the concentration of working from home, which is the new system of recent periods.

One of the special playlists for April, which we celebrate the 100th anniversary of April 23, National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, is special for children: “April 23”. Within the scope of National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, there are special songs for children and childhood in the list, which was created as a gift for children.

Globelink Ünimar, which regularly updates playlists, will continue to increase the number of playlists.

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