Operational solutions are very important, especially when it comes to a broad distribution network in the logistics industry. Operational solutions continue to develop day by day for importers to import and export large loads and large mass products so that the load owners can have a cost advantage and to realize the distribution they need. As Globelink Ünimar, we aim to offer alternative methods and operations management to respond to our customers' different transfer needs. One of the services we provide in this area is partial transportation.

What is Partial Goods Transport and How is it done?

Partial goods transportation is a special distribution system that is applied in import and export by seaway. The transport flow of this system, defined as LCL (Less Container Load), is organized by service providers and consolidator senders. When the question of what is partial transportation is examined, there should be a situation where the loads to be transported in this system cannot fill a container. In case there is a vacant space in the container, if there are partial transportation needs of different companies, loads of the relevant third companies are placed in this vacant space. Thus, the cargo belonging to more than one cargo owner is found in a single cargo transportation vehicle and the freight cost is shared among the companies according to the parcel account. As for how to do partial transportation, there is a great convenience for the cargo owners. Because the carrier company manages the accurate transfer process by ensuring that partial transportation is organized. Globelink Unimar takes delivery of your cargo that cannot fill a container from you for the partial transportation process and provides a transfer to the relevant point. Thanks to our contracted agencies on both import and export routes, you can fulfill your transfer needs quickly and economically; With the guarantee of Globelink Unimar, we offer the opportunity to deliver documents on time.

We have import and export partial services from Istanbul, Izmit, Gemlik, Izmir and Mersin Ports, in our service network that we develop every day to offer our partial logistics service. We maintain our leadership in the industry by providing direct service from 48 destinations in export and 42 ports in import. Apart from that, we have partial service to hundreds of destinations and the whole world thanks to major partial transfer ports.

We provide our customers with time and cost advantages by carrying out our loading with our own offices at all our departure and arrival ports and by prioritizing unconditional customer satisfaction. As a partial service provider, it is our basic working principle to create new services to the new ports in the sector, thus providing more cost and time advantages to our customers in the position we have reached today thanks to our history, experience and investments for more than 25 years.

In our partial goods transportation system, we attach importance to speed and cost advantage to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. While we continue to improve our network to achieve this power, we continue our efforts to increase our direct and indirect routes. In international partial transportation and intercity partial transportation operations, we make instant reports to our customers in line with their demands. We provide detailed information regarding the transfer and delivery process. In this sense, our customers can be informed about the safety of their cargoes that are subject to export and import whenever they want. In this way, they can continue their timing and plans in light of the data they obtain. In this area, we also offer different transfer methods focused on the partial application so that our customers can manage their operational processes. We provide ideal answers to different needs with seaway, airline and road vehicles.

Highway Partial Transportation

Highway partial transportation service means that the cargo of the transfer vehicle is owned by more than one cargo owner. When you prefer the highway method as a transfer vehicle for various reasons, you can get a cost advantage. You can also get fast service by combining road partial transportation with a different transportation method. If you wish, you can transfer your products that have been transferred to a port or airport to a location in the city by road partial transportation or you can take the products to the port or airport by road transfer using the opposite route.

Airline Partial Transportation

Airline partial transportation is another transfer method offered by our company. While using Globelink Unimar's reliable and fast airline transportation services, you can transfer your volumes that cannot fill an airline transfer unit with other load owners in this method, which you can choose when you want to get a cost advantage according to the size of the material you will transfer. In this method, which you can choose in international and intercity partial transportation services, we promise to deliver quickly regardless of the size of the material to be transferred. In this area, we can transport to all airports that are open to international service with the best timing. Airway transfer can be preferred partially as the fastest option among logistics methods. You can find answers to your import/export needs to keep up with the changes in the world economy with low cost and high speed.

Seaway Partial Transportation

Seaway partial transportation is seen as the most preferred option in partial transportation worldwide. In seaway transportation, where the transportation area is the widest choice when it is not always possible to fill an entire cargo ship, there is a different cargo owner in the empty area. Thus, the freight cost is shared among the load holders according to the partial system. As a result, the entire transfer cost is not covered by a single cargo owner, and the freight fee paid jointly creates a cost advantage for each cargo owner over the entire fee. As Globelink Unimar, we offer professional operation standards in partial transportation that we offer in our seaway services that our customers need internationally and intercity. We continue our work with our expert team at many transfer ports, including the most frequently used main ports, to provide fast, safe and economical seaway transfer opportunities.

Globelink Unimar is a pioneer among international partial logistics companies that focus on considering the time and cost advantage while creating a transfer network, using the technological opportunities that continue to develop in the modern period. Our operational teams within the body of Globelink Ünimar perform the consolidation works in the fastest and lowest cost in the transfer of cargoes that will be transferred on the same route but cannot fill a container. Our operations team, which creates ideal routes to reduce warehouse and waiting costs, which are important especially for freight owners in international freight transportation, successfully creates the reporting and information required by our customers with key account management services. We define the flexibility of the cargo owner on the delivery date of the cargo to be transferred directly and indirectly, and we are very sensitive to deliver the desired date by providing the fastest options available.

We offer partial cargo transportation from Turkey's many cities, especially Istanbul port, airport and highway options can be carried out with. While creating the ideal transportation destination for you, it can combine the methods that will provide low cost eclectically. If critical transfers are necessary, we can use all three methods intricately with each other, and perform their operation most safely. With our operations team's capabilities in consolidation, we can combine a transfer process with partial road, sea and airline methods in the most ideal way. As a result, we complete your transfer with the ideal route and method after receiving your cargo from you for your cargo that you need to reach your customers, staff or any branch.