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Additional Route to Road Service

Additional Route to Road Service

Globelink Ünimar continues to expand the points it offers road transport services. Adding France as a new route to its domestic and international services in road transport, the company will provide partial export service to the country, mainly in Southern France.

Globelink Ünimar integrates road logistics, which is a reliable and fast method, with its internal dynamics and understanding of service, which aims to provide a competitive and efficient service in transporting to France.

Globalink Ünimar, provides third-country transit loading transportation, domestic and international storage, customs clearance and delivery services in road transportation, carries out road transportation to all of Europe, Middle East and CIS countries. Being one of Turkey’s leading road transport companies Globelink Ünimar continues its service quality with its experienced team, powerful technological infrastructure, fleet in order to maintain the sustainable performance upgrade.

To get more information about Globelink Ünimar’s road transport network and its new route France, you can visit the company’s web page, you can get a price quote through the “get offer” module.

Globelink Ünimar Offers;

  • Transportation solutions to Southern Europe with awning trailers,
  • intermodal transport solutions with 45’HC and swap body between Europe and Turkey,
  • Fast shipping to European countries with “48-72 Hours Delivery” system for loads not exceeding 10-15 cbm / 1.20 tons with Super Express Service,
  • Regular LTL shipments between Turkey and France, the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy,
  • Project transportation and non-standard transportation solutions,
  • Offers transit loading solutions between Europe and the Middle East CIS countries
You can get an offer from our dedicated customer representative immediately.

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