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2020 Vision Meeting Was Held With The “Power of Transformation” Motto

2020 Vision Meeting Was Held With The “Power of Transformation” Motto

The Vision Meeting, which Globelink Ünimar has made traditional, was held this year with the title of “The Power of Transformation”. In the meeting in which all employees and office managers participated, plans for 2020 and beyond and plans for business strategies were discussed after an assessment of 2019.

In the meeting, it was emphasized that acting in a vision parallel to the world and working life, which is in a great change, was due to adapting to global values and technological and innovative approaches.

Globelink Ünimar Co-founder Cihan Yusufi made the opening speech, where he emphasized that all departments should act in consensus for the same purpose in order to reach the goals of the companies, and evaluated that the vision meetings held every year are therefore of great importance.

Globelink Ünimark’s nine offices in Turkey have all participated in the Vision 2020 meeting, where product and branch managers made presentations. The meeting has ended after Rhythm Workshop and a game of Kahoot!.

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